Happy ,happy, happy, Happiness is everywhere

Sunrise makes us happy

Rainbow makes us cheerful

Clouds makes us feel light

Rain makes us happy

Family makes us Wonderful

 Happiness is something you make someone happy

Happiness is something which makes you happy

Happiness is something to make friends

Happiness is everything

Oh Happy Happy Happy

Let’s all be happy

Happiness is something which is for everyone

Anti Tobacco Day

Anti tobacco day is celebrated on 31 May. First, what is the meaning of tobacco? Tobacco means that it is a  leaf which is first dried and put in the mouth. We can see in the cartoon of a farmer chewing a dried leaf, That is tobacco. Why is tobacco bad for us? It is bad because we can get cancer and it’s unhealthy for our body. So today we will pledge that we will ask our friends and family who take tobacco products to stop consuming it and make a tobacco free world.

Thank you

Freedom of India

Bharatham(India)! It’s a magic word. Behind this magic word, a lot of bravery stories and sacrifices of many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Patel etc.., are there to get freedom. 

India is a country which was earlier ruled by Britisher and to get rid of these rulers, India fought back and earned their freedom. After a lot of struggles, we got independence on 15th August 1947. India is a free country now and the largest democracy in the world. 

What this freedom gave us! Today, we are enjoying the fruit of this freedom in the form of education, health, speech, culture and equality. How we are going to secure and carry forward this freedom to the next level. 

As responsible kids we all should stand together and kick out the challenges and take this great nation to different heights. Some of the small steps like  Being kind to others , respecting each other’s differences and being strong during challenging  times will help our nation to build stronger .

The End

The 3 dancing cars

There once was a beautiful city. The city has something very surprising for us! Everyone in that city dances. They dance in the morning. They dance at night. In that city lived 3 car’s. The first car’s name is Floppy. The second car name is  Cherry. The third car’s name is Jilly. Floppy, Cherry and Jilly are the 3 famous dancing cars. One day Floppy said “Let’s go for a picnic” So the 3 cars went to a beautiful garden for their picnic. When they came to the garden they were staring at the garden for hours. Do you know why? Why? Because there were  the most beautiful Flowers, Trees, Fruits and most of all a beautiful fountain, and then came to their garage and slept.

The end


UAE’s full form is the United Arab Emirates. There are 7 emirates in UAE, they are Abu dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al khaimah, umm al quin, Ajman and Fujairah. Abu Dhabi is the biggest and Ajman is the smallest Emirate. Attractions in UAE are Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque , Louvre, Jebel Jais, Jebel Hafeet, Sharjah Arts Museum etc.. The official language is Arabic. The Uae national bird is the Falcon. The UAE national tree is ghaf tree. 

Traditional dress for men  is Kandura and for women is Abaya. Coffee and Dates are included in their diet; A pot of Dallah coffee in one dirham, which is the sign of their hospitality and a warm welcome to the visitors. 

This is Dallah…

Sam’s Adventure

Once a boy named Sam lived in Singapore. One day he went to the beach and sat down in the warm sand. He saw something strange in the blue ocean. It was a ship sinking in the ocean, in that ship there was a Captain. Sam was shouting help to save the Captain, but nobody came.

Sam knew one thing to do: swim in the ocean, so he swam in the ocean and saved the Captain. The Captain was very wet. He had a treasure box. The Captain said “Thank you” and  Sam said “Welcome”. The Captain gave Sam a gold coin. Sam showed it to his parents. Then he went to school and showed the gold coin to his friends. Then he showed it to his grandparents. While he was playing, he got stuck. He shouted for help  but nobody came, then the gold coin which the Captain gave started glowing, then the Captain came and saved him.

The Captain said “This is a magical coin when you’re in danger it glows so that I will know that you are in danger”. Next Morning, he went to the forest. Sam was lost in the forest. Then he saw a chocolate world. There was a little girl named Tina. Tina welcomed him. She explained how the chocolate world came and a flower which can make all the chocolate people and animals alive.

Sam saw a man jump like anything and came near to Sam and told him to swallow this chocolate fish or else I will give you a raw fish. Sam was funny at that time. Then an animal came and asked a question to Sam “What goes up but never comes down?” You can tell the answer any day. Sam Asked “Why did that animal ask that question?” Tina said “Every animal should ask a question here or else there is a Witch Who will take over the chocolate land.”

Sam said “Is there any way to let the curse go away.” Tina said “There is only one way to let the curse go away, you need to sing a song”. Here are the lyrics. Then Sam learned that song. The next day Sam told Tina “I am going to sing that song and let away the curse” Sam said bravely. Tina said “Wait! Take this, This is a magical wand”. This one helps to curse the Witch. Sam said “Okay Bye” and went to the place where the Witch lived. The journey to the Witch’s place took 5 days. 

At last Sam came to the Witch’s area and started singing “Go away Witch Please don’t come back, Go away Witch Please don’t come back, Go away Witch Please don’t come back” and defeated the Witch by the magical wand and cursed the Witch. Then Sam came to chocolate land and said “I defeated the witch yay!” Tina was very happy and told Sam, “I am very happy that you defeated the Witch and here’s a batch and a chocolate for being brave”. Sam Said “Thank you”. Then Sam left the chocolate world and came home.

After a couple of days Sam thought of going on another adventure so he went mountain climbing. It took 7 days to reach the top of the mountain. When he went to the top he saw something. It was a beautiful castle. The castle was made of colourful stones and on the castel there were beautiful flowers. Sam went into the castle and saw everyone running here and there. Sam went to the kitchen and asked one of the cooks “Why is everyone in the kingdom running?” The cook said “Everyone is running because today the queen has given birth to a girl and thought of throwing a party, so the queen sent everybody the invitation. But the queen made a mistake not writing the time. That’s why everyone is running.” 

Sam asked “Is there any way to get rid of this”. The cook said “Yes, you are the only one, you can do it”. What you need to do is, there is a Wizard in the woods. There if you go to the Wizard, the Wizard will ask you a question. If you answer the questions correctly then the Wizard will help us. Sam said “Okay I will go to the Wizard and answer the question”. Sam went to the Wizard.

When Sam came to the Wizard, the Wizard asked a question “For drinking coffee you need to put some sugar. So you put in some sugar. For mixing the sugar, which hand will you choose?” Left or Right? Sam said “It’s better to use a spoon” Then the Wizard said “Correct, what help do you want?” Sam said “Everyone in the castel is running because today the queen has given birth to a girl and thought to throw a party, so the queen sent everybody the invitation. The queen forgot to write the time”. We should write the time or else nobody will come. That’s why everyone is running. So you need to help us.

The Wizard said “Okay I will help you” and then Sam and the Wizard came to the kingdom and the Wizard sang a song “Stop running, Stop running, Stop running”. I am here to help you, so please stop running, then everyone stops running. Then the Wizard went to the center of the town and said “Ding Ding Dong Dong Ding Dong Ding” After this song, In all the invitations time is written. In the kingdom everyone thanked Sam. The king and queen said “Thank you” to Sam and Sam said “Welcome” then  Sam enjoyed the party and came home.

The End

What is lockdown means to me

“Stay home, stay safe and stay positive”. COVID-19 has started, So we just have to sit at home till coronavirus ends. I think scientists around the world are working day and night to find a cure for COVID-19.

 I never knew that there would be a virus like this. But I do not get bored at home because my teacher gives us a lot of homework and activity to do. I just finish them and in my free time I do painting, drawing, colouring, reading a storybook and writing my own stories.

 I wish this covid-19 would end soon because I want to go back to school to meet my friends and teachers. But this is the time I can get together with my family. With my family I can do a lot of things like watching a movie and playing hide and seek. I give food and play with my bird. My bird name is Polly. I always sit with my bird in online class.

Hopefully this COVID-19 will end soon and we will go out freely to park and meet our friends. 

Sometimes I think about what my dad will do in the office, because of COVID-19 my father is working from home and I am able to see how he is working. Sometimes when he is free he used to teach me Computer Science. With my mother I help her in cooking and I teach my sister and play with her. This is the best time that I and my family have been in this COVID-19. Stay home Stay Safe. Let’s enjoy this lockdown with positivity.

Scary Tina

Once there lived a girl named Tina. Tina was scared of dark, ghost, monster and sleeping alone. Then the day came to Halloween .Tina excited and scared because whenever  she goes to trick-or-treat if someone says ‘boo’ she shout ‘ahhhh’ and everyone will laugh and say “scary cat”. Then one day Tina’s mom  told Tina that you should not be scared of everything .Every scary thing is for fun. As Tina grew she wasn’t scared of anything whenever someone made her scared for that she would laugh. Tina told to her mom “Mom you were right that whenever scares me I should laugh. Thank you mom.”

Moral: All mother’s are beside to their children’s whenever they need help.