A Fun day at the Garden

Yay woohoo! Me and my friends are playing in the garden. Do you know who my friends are? Yes it is Ramu, Ravi, Rina, Sam and Tom. They are my best friends. Now we are playing hide-and-seek. Ramu is counting now “1,,2,,3,,4” and we are all trying to find a hiding place.

Do you know where we are hiding? Ravi was hiding in the bush, Sam and Tom climbed a tree and Rina and I was hidden  behind a tree. Then Ramu finished counting and was finding us.

While Ramu was finding other’s I had a chance to touch the place where Ramu was counting. So I secretly went over there and touched and then I was the Winner. Me and my friends played and played until night.

Then we went to our home. When me and my family were having dinner I was telling how me and my friends were having fun. Then I went to bed with a sleepy face. I slept with snoring dreaming that everyday me and friends will have fun always zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The next day when I woke up I went to the garden to play. But all my friend were very sad. I asked “What happen guys” Sam told “We came to playground early in the morning. But when we came there was a meeting held in garden.

We hid behind the bushes and listened what the said. The host was saying that they are going to make this garden to a garbage area.” Sam continued “That’s why we are sad.” I said “Don’t worry! I have something to show you.

It is very special to us. I made it for us” and took them to my house. We went to my bedroom and I opened a secret door. Do you know what was there behind the secret door? In the secret door there is supplies the spy’s use.

My friends were very surprised and asked “Are we going to spy’s ?” I told “Yes we are”. Then we all wore the spy suites took some gadgets and went out. We saw some people working on the garden to make it into a garbage area.

Then we came to them and fought with them. Sam hitted one person doing a very big kick. The people said sorry and ran away. Me and my friends gave high-five’s. We thought we can name our team as “Spy Kids”

The end