Art and Craft: Your Profile

This craft is a paper profile picture

You will need :

Chart paper: Yellow A4 size and Blue 27 cm x 35 cm

Paint: Acrylic should not be thick

Paint brush: Thin and thick

Sketch pen and crayons

Tissue paper

Ear Buds

Your photo: Small size

Palette or any base to pour paint

Fevi stick

Pencils, Eraser and Ruler

Cloth to clean hands

Water to clean brush

If you got the things let get started

Step 1: Take the yellow chart paper and with the pencil draw the trunk of the tree

Step 2: On the trunk draw 5 branches. Not more than that !

Step 3: After you finish the tree take brown sketch and outline the tree

Step 4: Then in the tree color in with brown crayon

Step 5: Take a tissue paper a roll it

Step 6: After rolled the tissue paper, pour green paint on the pallet and dab the paint with the rolled tissue paper. While dabbing the paint make sure it is like a tree !

Step 7: Stick your photo on the trunk with the Fevi stick

Step 8: Take Green paint and a thin brush. Paint grass

Step 9: After grass painted pour red paint on the palette. Then take the 1 earbud and put red dots with the red paint. It represents as red flowers

Step 10: Let it dry

Step 11: After it dried take the blue chart in the size 27 cm x 35 cm. Back side of the yellow apply glue and stick it on the blue chart

Step 12: Your profile is ready stick outside of you room to show that is your room.

It will turn out like this Tada