Miss. Cutie the good bunny

Once there lived a bunny called Miss.Cutie.Miss.Cutie was so cute that everyone adores her but Miss.Cutie is not mean that everyone adore her she is good do you know what good things she dose?she help’s everyone in need and donates things to the poor people.

Then one day Miss.Cutie got a invitation from Miss. Giraffe that “Dear Miss.Cutie,please come to my birthday party it is a lot of fun! love Miss.Giraffe “. Miss.Cutie was so exited so she went to the mall to buy a new dress and a gift do you know what gift did she buy?

she bought LOL spy wars.The day came to go to the party Miss.Cutie went to the party she had a lot of fun and got her.When she came back home she opened her gift and she got a new cycle.Miss.Cutie shared her new cycle with friends and lived happily ever after.😊

Morel : Sharing and being good is the best thing in life.