Riya’s Grandparents

Once there was a girl named Riya. Riya’s grandparents are not as strong as Riya’s parents. Her grandfather can not see properly and her grandmother can not hear properly.

Riya would fetch grandfather’s spectacles or the walking stick when grandfather asks.

Riya helps her grandmother to take medicine on time and she makes tea everyday for grandmother. She plays board games or reads the newspaper  with her grandparents.

This keeps them busy and entertained. One day while Riya was walking outside she saw a boy who can not see was trying to cross the road.

She rushed to that boy and helped him cross the road. The boy thanked Riya and said “Hi my name is Tinku and I cannot see properly, and thanks for helping me cross the road.

Can you help go to the optician so that I can get spectacles” Riya said “Okay let’s go “and they went to the optician. The optician gave Tinku a spectacles. Tinku wore the spectacles and said thank you to the optician and Riya.