The wolf and the 3 pigs

Once there lived 3 pigs. One pig name was Jimmy , the second pig name was Tommy and the third pig name was Lucky. They lived beside a wolf house who wanted to eat those pigs. One day when the pigs went to the market the Mr. Wolf just pushed them and ran away Jimmy said “What happen to Mr. Wolf? today he is acting very strange let’s see what happen to him”.

The 3 pigs followed Mr. Wolf and saw that Mr. Wolf was in the bus stop the 3 pigs thought that the wolf is going away but that is not true the wolf is waiting for someone do you know who is Mr. Wolf is waiting for? that’s right Mr. Wolf is waiting for Ms. Wolf. The 3 pigs went home and said “Friends this is never going to end so we are going to do something that the wolfs will not eat us OKAY!” Tommy said “I know what to do.

So the next day the 3 pigs went to the wolf’s house Mr. Wolf outside saw the pigs and the wolf was going eat them just then Ms. Wolf came and asked “who are you” Jimmy, Tommy and Lucky went to Ms. Wolf and gave some chocolates, flowers and jewelry Ms. Wolf was very happy to see all the gifts.

The next Ms. Wolf dragged Mr. Wolf to the pigs And told “Brother this is how I thank my dearest Friends”. Do you know how did the Ms. Wolf thanked the pigs? Yes Ms. Wolf told Mr. Wolf to cut all the weeds from the garden, Fix the roof and paint the fence. From that day on pigs and the wolfs became friend for ever. 😀

Moral: We should not be enemies with others we should be friends 😊

The Jerry at my house

This one is the story which happen to me

Once a mouse came to our house. Every night the mouse always eat the food and make sounds which I can’t sleep at all. So one day my father brought a mouse trap. For the first try we kept some banana but the mouse did not get stuck instead it went to the kitchen and threw all the garbage back of the stove. For the next trial we kept mouses favorite food which is non-veg and it got stuck. the mouse was very fat, it was grey in color and it had a very long tail. I was very exited because this is the first time i am seeing alive

Mouse Inside the trap

This one is my imaginary story

So now the first mouse has been trapped and now another mouse has been trapped. The first mouse said “Hi friend, I been trapped here for many months and now you been stuck Tomorrow they’re going to throw us”.