Ravi’s Youtube channel- 3

Ravi’s youtube channel was going popular, So Ravi wanted to do a video on trying Korean noodles. So he asked hid parents to buy the noodles, their parents were like okay and not okay about the idea. So his father bought a packet of Korean noodles.

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Ravi’s mother started making it, as the noodles is hot and spicy his mother wanted to make it even more spicy, so she added the sauce and some chill powder!

Spicy Korean Beef Noodles - Creme De La Crumb

After that his father started the camera and Ravi started “Hey guys welcome to Ravi’s youtube channel, and today I am gonna try the spiciest Korean noodles. So I am gonna have my first bite let’s see how does it tastes”. When Ravi ate it from his eyes tears came his face became red as a tomato and from his ears smoke came. Ravi could not bear the hot spicy noodles and a screamed for water. After he drank the water he said “Please like share and subscribe and please please please don’t eat Korean noodles”.

Eager to see what will Ravi do on his next video.

The mind reader -1

Thea is the head of the secret office. Yeah she is a spy and also a mind reader. She has solved many crime cases. That’s when the police Nayak, he had to solve an very difficult case, So he gave to Thea. The case was called ‘THE CHEETHA’, Thea thought it was an strange name so she asked Nayak “What type of case is this?” The Nayak said “This case is very different from others, Like ordinary thieves he’s not like that, he has a brain like a intelligent fox, has a body fast like a fast cheetha” Thea said “Oh okay” that’s when another police officer came and said “Madam Thea we have found ‘THE CHEETHA’ his name and where he is” and showed the page of his details.

Thea knew him. Thea and Sam are best friends. Thea wondered why would Sam would do like this. So she went to Sam house to chat with him. As Thea is a mind reader she read Sams mind, but she got surprised that in his there was no incident like that, but there she read that Sam went to a scientist and takes test after that Sam would get some money and Sam would help the needy children with that money.

So the next thing in the morning Thea went to the scientist under disguise of a robber. Thea asked an simple way of stealing money and the scientist said “Oh that is great, I have this injection where I can control them and I have been controlling a boy named Sam” Thea said that she will come tomorrow with her gang.

The next day when Sam went to the scientist, A group of police came and arrested the scientist. There spread the story of Agent Thea.

Willing to see what will Thea do next.

Trying is the best

Once there was a girl named Tina. She does not try anything like Swimming, Badminton, Singing, Drawing nothing! 

 Her parents and teacher tried to tell the trying helps you to do better, but Tina did not listen. One day there was assembly for Tina’s class. Tina had a role of singing.  

She was so afraid that if she sang wrong everyone will tease, her so she said to her teacher Ms. Cherry, Ms. Cherry said “It is okay to be scared but you should try it, first you would be fully incorrect, second you be little correct and the third try you will be perfect that’s why you should try. Tina tried a lot and she sang beautifully.  

Thank you

The best part of holiday’s

Holiday is a special word which is enough to bring a big smile on everyone’s face. Whether children or an adult, everyone eagerly waits for it. The best part of my holiday is my last summer vacation because it is a 2 months holiday and it gives me more time to relax and explore new things. 

Usually during my summer vacation we go to my home country and spend most of the time at my grandparent’s place which is located in the village. My cousins also used to join us. We spent our whole day playing outdoors. Our grandfather loves farming and we used to help planting saplings and watering the plants. Our grandmother prepares delicious dishes for us. 

But last summer vacation, due to covid we were not able to go to my home country. I thought it’s going to be a boring vacation. But me and my parents put forward all my ideas for a fun-filled  holiday. For each week we planned an activity. First week was Reading week, Second week was Crafting week, Third week was Drawing week, Fourth week was Dancing week and so on. 

But the sixth week we did not know what to do so we thought, after sometime I thought we could have exploring week. We explored many new places in and around Abudhabi , the first place we visited is Salt Lake ,The salt lake was a lake and in the lake instead of sand there was salt  .One day in the farm we saw sheep and we fed it then in the farm there was a swimming pool we enjoyed the pool and stayed overnight in the farm .During my routine walk I saw kittens and Bunnies.  

The holiday ends with a party for my sister’s birthday on 29th august. We enjoyed the birthday and we got many presents. After the party was over we opened our gifts and we got a really cute dollhouse. That’s when I realized even if you don’t go somewhere we can always have fun with our family wherever we are and it should be well planned.

The end 


Happy ,happy, happy, Happiness is everywhere

Sunrise makes us happy

Rainbow makes us cheerful

Clouds makes us feel light

Rain makes us happy

Family makes us Wonderful

 Happiness is something you make someone happy

Happiness is something which makes you happy

Happiness is something to make friends

Happiness is everything

Oh Happy Happy Happy

Let’s all be happy

Happiness is something which is for everyone

Freedom of India

Bharatham(India)! It’s a magic word. Behind this magic word, a lot of bravery stories and sacrifices of many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Patel etc.., are there to get freedom. 

India is a country which was earlier ruled by Britisher and to get rid of these rulers, India fought back and earned their freedom. After a lot of struggles, we got independence on 15th August 1947. India is a free country now and the largest democracy in the world. 

What this freedom gave us! Today, we are enjoying the fruit of this freedom in the form of education, health, speech, culture and equality. How we are going to secure and carry forward this freedom to the next level. 

As responsible kids we all should stand together and kick out the challenges and take this great nation to different heights. Some of the small steps like  Being kind to others , respecting each other’s differences and being strong during challenging  times will help our nation to build stronger .

The End