The mind reader -1

Thea is the head of the secret office. Yeah she is a spy and also a mind reader. She has solved many crime cases. That’s when the police Nayak, he had to solve an very difficult case, So he gave to Thea. The case was called ‘THE CHEETHA’, Thea thought it was an strange name so she asked Nayak “What type of case is this?” The Nayak said “This case is very different from others, Like ordinary thieves he’s not like that, he has a brain like a intelligent fox, has a body fast like a fast cheetha” Thea said “Oh okay” that’s when another police officer came and said “Madam Thea we have found ‘THE CHEETHA’ his name and where he is” and showed the page of his details.

Thea knew him. Thea and Sam are best friends. Thea wondered why would Sam would do like this. So she went to Sam house to chat with him. As Thea is a mind reader she read Sams mind, but she got surprised that in his there was no incident like that, but there she read that Sam went to a scientist and takes test after that Sam would get some money and Sam would help the needy children with that money.

So the next thing in the morning Thea went to the scientist under disguise of a robber. Thea asked an simple way of stealing money and the scientist said “Oh that is great, I have this injection where I can control them and I have been controlling a boy named Sam” Thea said that she will come tomorrow with her gang.

The next day when Sam went to the scientist, A group of police came and arrested the scientist. There spread the story of Agent Thea.

Willing to see what will Thea do next.