Snake and ladder

Did did you how the game snake and ladder came? Well let’s see today how it came and how to play. Are you ready !

So long time a ago there lived a village called Tiruchi. There everyone would find a new game like Ludo, Chess and etc. In Tiruchi there lot’s of snake came and people over there are wonderful artists they make lots of art so there were lot’s of ladder’s to climb and draw on the walls. The people then got a new game called Snake and ladder.

So that’s how they found the game snake and ladder.

Now let’s see how to play the game

Draw or buy the board. The board looks like this :

This is how a board looks like when you buy it.
This is how it would be when you draw it.

So now you got a board you need to get a dice to roll and some coins.

This is the dice.
Who ever bought the board from the store they would even get coins.
Who ever are doing as DIY’s you can take pista shells and color them.

Now let’s see how to play it…

Step 1: Call 3 to 5 people and take the coins and put them in the number 1.

Just like this.

Step 2: Now roll the dice. If you get 1 you may go. After you go you get another chance. Roll the dice go.

Step 3: When you get 1 remember that you can’t go for a chance. When you get six that when you can take another chance.

Just like this.

Step 4: When you get to 100 that means you are the winner. Remember that when you get a ladder climb on it or when you get the snake follow down where the snake is going.

The end