What is lockdown means to me

“Stay home, stay safe and stay positive”. COVID-19 has started, So we just have to sit at home till coronavirus ends. I think scientists around the world are working day and night to find a cure for COVID-19.

 I never knew that there would be a virus like this. But I do not get bored at home because my teacher gives us a lot of homework and activity to do. I just finish them and in my free time I do painting, drawing, colouring, reading a storybook and writing my own stories.

 I wish this covid-19 would end soon because I want to go back to school to meet my friends and teachers. But this is the time I can get together with my family. With my family I can do a lot of things like watching a movie and playing hide and seek. I give food and play with my bird. My bird name is Polly. I always sit with my bird in online class.

Hopefully this COVID-19 will end soon and we will go out freely to park and meet our friends. 

Sometimes I think about what my dad will do in the office, because of COVID-19 my father is working from home and I am able to see how he is working. Sometimes when he is free he used to teach me Computer Science. With my mother I help her in cooking and I teach my sister and play with her. This is the best time that I and my family have been in this COVID-19. Stay home Stay Safe. Let’s enjoy this lockdown with positivity.