Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

It was 31 of December Mia and Eiffel (These are they nicknames. Let’s keep their names secret) were exited. They were so exited because today at 12 they are going to see fireworks and on January 1 they are going to have a New Year resolution party.

That night Mia and Eiffel saw the beautiful fireworks and on January 1 they kept the New Year resolution part. Do you know who all came? They are all the characters in Junior Story. Okay if you don’t know here is a list of them-

1- Ravi (Ravi’s Youtube Channel)

2- Oliver (Success and Confidence)

3- Thea (The mind reader)

4- Tia and Ms.Cherry (Trying is the best)

5- Floppy, Cherry and Jilly (The 3 dancing cars)

6- Sam and Tina (Sam’s Adventure)

7- Tina (Scary Tina)

8- Ice (Ice-cream day at the park)

9- Cleany, Liya and Shalini (Who will be the princess tooth?)

10- Ravi and Ramu (School is the best)

11-Pinky and Sara (The hair problem)

12- Tina (Tina the good girl)

13- Sam and Tina (Be a superhero)

23 people had come for the New Year resolution party. First they cut the cake which was written Happy New Year.

Then everyone started telling their resolution. So here is was everyone said-

Mia- I will try to get the American Music Award

Eiffel- I will be even more taller

Ravi- I will eat more food and get more subscribers

Oliver- I will work hard

Thea- I will solve many cases and help those who are in need

Tia- I will try everything that I can

Floppy ,Cherry and Jilly – We will try to be even more famous by dancing

Sam- I will got to even more adventures

Tina- I will help others to overcome their fear

Ice- I will never melt

Cleany, Lia and Shalini- We will be the cleanest tooth in the whole tooth kingdom

Ravi and Ramu- We will make others like school

Pinky and Sara – We will try to come with a good hairstyle

Tina- I will teach others to be good

Sam and Tina- We will teach others to be good

Friends what is your resolution? Try to keep your resolution until the next December 31.

Do you know what is Junior story’s resolution? It is to encourage others to read and write stories.

Thank you

Happy New Year to all!

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