Success and Confidence

Once in a city there lived a boy named Oliver. Oliver thought if we pray to god we can get full marks in the exam, so he prayed the whole evening without studying. Before going to bed he said to his mom “ Tomorrow I have an exam so wake me up at 5 in the morning I need to study.” His mom said okay Oliver hit the sack. 

The next morning when his mother saw Oliver sleeping she felt pity and thought the exam is not a rocket science, so she let Oliver sleep. It was 6 o’clock and Oliver woke up and started scolding his mom that why didn’t she wake him up at 5 Oliver said “This is the perfect storm” Oliver mom said  “In life many big problems will come and you have to face the music.

 This is just a cycle test and you have just 2 hours, use that time and finish your studies.” Oliver nodded and started his studies. After studying he came to school and the teacher gave the test paper Oliver wrote the test and got 1st rank. The teacher gave a pen which cost an arm and a leg.

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