Who will be the princess tooth?

Long, long, time ago before the Romans, Before the robots! A place where every tooth lived. There the kingdom of the tooth named Cleany decided to marry a clean and beautiful tooth.

 He sent his messenger to tell “ Dear teeth all the unmarried womens would like to come to the kingdom so that the king could choose he could choose the best woman to marry.”

 That’s when 2 teeth came to the kingdom and said “ Your majesty” and one tooth said “My name is Liya ” and the other tooth said “My name is Shalini ” The king saw that both were beautiful but he wanted to test their good habits.

 So first the king tested on their eating habits. Liya ate all her fruits, vegetables and her milk, But Shalini just ate pizza, burger and coca cola. Then the king tested their exercising.

 Liya exercised , but Shalini did not do exercise just sleeping. The next day the king decided to marry Liya because she eats healthy food and does a lot of exercise. So the king Cleany married Liya. 

The End

Moral: We need to eat healthy food and do exercise to keep our body fit.   

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