School is the best

Once in a village called Manipur. There was a family. In that family there were 2 brothers, one brother named Ravi and the other named Ramu. Ravi loved to go to school but Ramu hated to go to school. Ravi tried to tell Ramu “That going to school is fun. 

The teacher teaches us lots of things like math, science and more.” but Ramu never listens. One day their school announced that from May 6 to June 13 is their exam. Ravi studied hard but Ramu studied but just a little bit and went out to play.

 Exams came , Ramu and Ravi did their exams. A few weeks later the result came and Ravi got full marks but Ramu did not score good. Ravi told Ramu that “I have told you many that going to school is fun. The teacher teaches us lots of things like math, science and more.

 But you never listen to me, at least now please listen to me now.” Ramu said “Yes I should admit that I made a really bad mistake from now onwards I will be a good student” From then Ramu liked going to school.

Moral: School is best so from now onwards will you go to school good?    

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