Ravi’s YouTube channel- Part 1

There was once a boy named Ravi. One day Ravi was walking outside, that’s when he got a idea. He thought to Make a YouTube channel named “Ravi’s Channel”. So he ran to his home and told his father and mother about is, and their parents told” Okay Ravi we will help you start your channel”.

Ravi got too exited about his channel. His father made an channel. The Ravi told his mother to make cake and his mother told “Okay”. His mother took all the ingredients Flour, egg, milk , sugar, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla extract. She took a bowl and added the ingredients, the she mixed the things.

The she took a round bowl and putted all the batter in the bowl and kept it in the oven. 20 to 30 minutes the cake was ready! Ravi’s mother then took the cream and decorated. Back in Ravi he was setting the table. Then he kept a spoon, fork , knife and a plate. Then his mother kept the cake on the table.

His father started the camera and Ravi started ” Hey welcome to Ravi’s channel in this video we will be seeing this cake. I will eat and tell the taste. “. Ravi took a knife and cut the cake, then ate it. When Ravi ate the cake his face was red in color and in his ears steaming air coming, He ran here and there shouting for water.

Can you guess why Ravi is running like this? Because his mother mistakenly added some chili powder. Finally Ravi drank some water and told “Please like, share and subscribe Ravi’s channel”

The end

Be waiting for part 2 of Ravi’s YouTube channel.

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