The plastic monster

Once there was a girl named, Sara. She lived in a very creepy house. The floor was very dirty and messy. In an old bed, she would sleep in.  Most of all, her dresses and shirts were torn and hanging here and there. She was the only girl who lived in that creepy house. 

In the month of October one special day came. Do you know what it is? Are you thinking as it’s her birthday? Okay, here’s a clue. That day ghosts, vampires, monsters and etc will come during the night. I think you got the answer! It’s Halloween. That’s why Sara was happy! 

She was making some treats for trick-or-treat. While she was doing it, she took a plastic water bottle, drank and threw it away. She went to take some candies from the cupboard. When she stepped on the plastic bottle a sound came “click ker te clack, click ker te clack, click ker te clack”. 

Sara got very scared and thought that “A monster came into the house”. She looked everywhere and outside, but didn’t find anything. She came back to the kitchen and was making the treats. 

She took a piece of thread and a bottle. She pinned the thread all over the bottle and put a light inside the bottle to make it into a lantern. Then a sound came “ding dong”. Sara got to know that the children have started trick-or-treating. 

Sara went upstairs and quickly got changed into a Vampire. She took some chocolates and opened the door and said “Happy Halloween, Mu ha ha ha” and the children’s told trick-or-treat. Sara told, here you go the chocolates and the children took the chocolates and went away. 

Then Sara arranged a party. She ordered five different flavours of ice creams : Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pralines, Cotton candy and three types of pizza : Chicken, Paneer and Cheese. And also she ordered ten packets of chips. They are two spicy, two salty, two tomato ketchup, two plain and two chilli plus tomato ketchup. 

She called all her friends : Tina, Rina, Tom, Sam, Timmi and Whisk. They all accepted and came to the party and enjoyed themselves. After the party, all the empty ice cream cups, chocolate wrappers and plastic bottles were thrown on the floor. Sara didn’t clean them at all. 

The next day Sara was walking in the house and heard the sound again “click ker te clack, click ker te clack, click ker te clack”. She got scared and thought really that a monster came. She shouted for help. Everyone came but there was no monster. Everyone went home disappointed. 

Sara didn’t know where this sound was coming from because the house was that much messy. While she was walking in the house, plastics rubbed each other and suddenly one plastic bottle spoke to Sara that “I am a  PLASTIC MONSTER, it’s my nature that wherever I am I will destroy the place.” 

If you throw me on the soil, I will destroy the soil. You kept me inside your home uncleaned, so I am going to destroy your home”. Sara frightened and in a scared voice said that “Am really very sorry, I will recycle all of you very quickly. 

She took all the wastes and threw them in the trash bin. She cleaned the house very tidy and looked at the house, she was very happy. Then she pledged that “I should avoid these plastics and if I suppose using them, it should be properly cleaned and recycled. Also, she reused some of the water bottles as flower pots.”

“Reduce Reuse Recycle” 

“Let’s all pledge the same as Sara and most of all, don’t live with a plastic monster or else it will destroy your house”

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