Ice-cream day at the park

Once there was a village called Ice-cream village. Why is it called so? Because there are no human beings,  only Ice-creams in that village.In the village there is a small Ice-cream called Ice. One day Ice planned to go to the playground. While going over there Ice saw 3 roads. The first road led to a slide area, the second road led to an exercise area and the third road led to a sea-sow area.

So Ice thought for a while and chose to go to the slide area. It was good for a while but then Ice rolled and rolled then came again to 3 roads. Then the Ice planned to go to the exercise area. There a lot of bodybuilders were doing exercise and shouting “Ha hu he”. So Ice also took a very heavy stick and tried lifting it. But the stick fell down on the Ice’s foot. Ice jumped to the 3 roads again. Then Ice planned to go to the sea-sow area. There Ice played for a while then jumped over the sea-sow and did a loop-de-loop followed by 3 high and sinning jumps.

Scared of doing the things in the outside world so Ice thought and ran to its home and started pulling the door like a monster. Finally the door opened and Ice went inside the home locked the door and it thought what danger could happen next so did not go for 2 years.

Got so bored so finally planned to go out. Ice saw birds, some of its friends, shops and malls. Again Ice came inside the house and looked in the mirror saying “Now I am grown up I should look for a job” . So Ice went out and started looking out for a job. It looked everywhere but could not find a job. One day when Ice was walking around . It saw a school. Out of the school there was a banner that read “Need a Comedy teacher”.

Ice was so happy and went to the school’s principal. The principal interviewed Ice and  said “Ice you are accepted as the comedy teacher”. Ice was really happy that it was jumping up and down, spinning around and shouting out “Hooray”.

 The next day Ice went to the school and to class 4-A and then Ice started telling the “Day at the park”. But not a single student did not laugh, Ice saw that it became very sad. But when Ice went out of the class every student started laughing like anything. Ice became very happy. 

The end

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