The Candy planet

That was the day my father brought me a trampoline. Me and my friends were jumping like a kangaroo. But then suddenly we jumped so high and we came to a place. The place was really delicious. I loved it. It had chocolate houses, Lollipop people and all of the candies and restaurants. We were staring like anything, Just then a human being like us then called us.

It asked us “Who are you? What do you want?” I said “Oh Hi! My name is Barbie and my friends Sara, Lucky, Lina and Diana…” It said “Oh Hi! My name is Candy and um welcome to candy planet where um everything is candy”.

Me and my friends had a nice chat with Candy but then it was black the ground was green and the candy people turned into donkeys! Candy stammered  “Oh no t..t..t Teresa the bad witch is coming! Sshhh… She is going to make ik..ik..ik Candy planet into a disaster what am I g..g..g Going to do it with her!”

Diana said bravely “Let’s go and fight with Teresa”, Candy said “Don’t! Teresa has a powerful magical wand nobody can defeat her” But I said to my friends “Girls it’s pro time” and my friends shouted “yes”.

Then me and my friends showed our rings and enchanted the spell “Nobody defeats us cause we are strong and powerful! With all our teamwork we can even defeat a mountain!”. Then we all became the team of luck.

We all went out and saw witch she said “Oh who do have here my fight wish the team of luck” Then we all said “Wand of everything exploded teamwork fire” Teresa stammered “T…T…T Teamwork fire Noooo” Teresa turned into ash. Then Candy planet turned normal. Me and my friends gave “high-fives” and shouted “Hurray”. Candy said thank you friends. We said most welcome candy.

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