Ravi’s YouTube channel- Part 2

We all know Ravi has an YouTube. One day Ravi thought and thought then finally got an idea. He told his mother to make the world largest pizza in the world and mother fainted. She got up and said in a scared voice “okay”. Ravi’s mother called all the women in the neighbor. They all started making the pizza. They took a large bowl and added flour, yeast, water, salt, and olive oil. Then they mixed them all. While mixing they hummed their favorite tune “There was a woman who had a pizza eya eya yo A little pepper here a little salt here a little over here a little over there every pepper and salt There was a woman who had a pizza eya eya yo let’s mix over here mix over there mix here mix there everywhere mixing mixing There was a woman who had pizza eya eya yo o o” They finished the mixing now they kept it in the oven for  8-12 minutes. In the other hand Ravi is setting the table. The pizza is ready!! Yum it is like I want to eat the pizza right now. His mother kept the pizza in the table. Ravi pulled his dad out of his important client meeting. His dad started the camera Ravi said ” Hey welcome to Ravi’s channel in this video we will be seeing this gigantic pizza yum yum. So let’s cut it !” Ravi ate the pizza. his tummy was like a balloon. Before Ravi could a word he started flying around like the balloon popped. After all that mess Ravi came back to the chair and said “Please like, share and subscribe. Thank you.”

Thank you

Be waiting for Ravi YouTube Channel Part-3 for some crazy food tasting

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