Sofia learns to manage her time

Once there lived a girl named Sofia. Sofia didn’t know to how to manage her time.One morning Sofia’s mother woke up Sofia saying “Wake up Sofia it’s time to go to school I will be back in 5 minutes ” and went to the kitchen and said to herself “Sofia is getting older but she dose not know to mange her time” and went up stairs and she saw still Sofia sleeping she told”wake up Sofia it’s getting late” Sofia told “okay okay I am getting up”.So Sofia brush’s her teeth, baths, eats break fast, combs her hair , puts hers school uniform and takes her school bag .

Sofia’s mother thought to drive Sofia to school.After Sofia’s mother left her to school she went to the school principal office and knocked on the door and went inside.The principal welcomed Sofia’ mother saying “welcome how are you what the matter?” Sofia’ mother told the problem of Sofia’s time management and the principal thought for a while and got a idea the principal said”hmm…… ah tomorrow the school is going on a school trip the bus will go at 2:30 so be 5 minutes late” and Sofia’ mother agreed to the plan.

The next day Sofia’s mother woke up her 1 minute late and when Sofia woke and saw the clock and got shocked to see it was late and talked to herself “Oh no it is late I need to hurry or else the school bus will go then I can’t go to the school trip” and Sofia rushed and got ready but Sofia’s mom got to the patrol area and filled the car with patrol and go 1 minute late next Sofia’s mom went to the story book challenge and got 1 minute late and got to school 1 minute late.

Sofia rushed to the security guard and said “did the bus leave?” and the security said “yes the bus left” Sofia went to her mom and said “mommy I realized that I have been so careless with my time management now onward’s I will manage my time management by myself” Sofia’s mom got happy and hugged Sofia just then the school came to pick Sofia .Sofia shouted “that’s my school bus it has come to pick me ” Sofia hugged her mom and said good bye and jumped on the school bus and had a nice day’s Sofia manage her time by herself 😀

Moral:Manage your time by yourself😁

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