Snake and ladder

Did did you how the game snake and ladder came? Well let’s see today how it came and how to play. Are you ready !

So long time a ago there lived a village called Tiruchi. There everyone would find a new game like Ludo, Chess and etc. In Tiruchi there lot’s of snake came and people over there are wonderful artists they make lots of art so there were lot’s of ladder’s to climb and draw on the walls. The people then got a new game called Snake and ladder.

So that’s how they found the game snake and ladder.

Now let’s see how to play the game

Draw or buy the board. The board looks like this :

This is how a board looks like when you buy it.
This is how it would be when you draw it.

So now you got a board you need to get a dice to roll and some coins.

This is the dice.
Who ever bought the board from the store they would even get coins.
Who ever are doing as DIY’s you can take pista shells and color them.

Now let’s see how to play it…

Step 1: Call 3 to 5 people and take the coins and put them in the number 1.

Just like this.

Step 2: Now roll the dice. If you get 1 you may go. After you go you get another chance. Roll the dice go.

Step 3: When you get 1 remember that you can’t go for a chance. When you get six that when you can take another chance.

Just like this.

Step 4: When you get to 100 that means you are the winner. Remember that when you get a ladder climb on it or when you get the snake follow down where the snake is going.

The end

Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The full name of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.  He was born on October 15, 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamilnadu. 

In his childhood days, he had sold newspapers to support family’s income. He joined “Defence Research and Development Organization” as a scientist after graduating from “Madras Institute of Technology”.   

He was a professor, author and an aerospace scientist. He is the “11th President of India” and also known as the “Missile Man of India”. He is the true example for “Simple living and high thinking”.

Some of his great quotes are:

1. If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.

2.All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.

3.I am not handsome but I can give my hand to someone who needs help… Because beauty is required in the heart, not in the face

4. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world

5.You cannot change you future.. But you can change you habits, and changed habits will change you future.

⬆ this is the time line of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam…


One morning Sam thought to go outside to take a deep breath before he started to do his work. When he came outside, he was shocked to see his neighbourhood was very dirty, smelling bad and no place to walk and sit. He tried to walk but it was very hard to walk, at last he went home. Sam was sad to see his neighbourhood very dirty.

Sam was so sleepy and he slept, then he dreamt that a superhero came flying from somewhere. The superhero waved his magical wand and made the neighbourhood clean and green. Sam woke up but he was still sad and felt like crying to see his neighbourhood dirty. Sam’s sister Tina came and saw the neighbourhood and said “Change will not come from outside, first we should change before we ask others to change”, he didn’t understand what her sister told and sadly sat in the nearby bench and slept again. 

Tina went and called all her friends, nobody came for help. she came to the street and shouted “Oh my dear friend’s, let’s save our environment”. We can clean up the trash from the parks, fountain and roads. Let’s clean up the trash together. It’s our responsibility to keep our environment clean and green. Please save our environment.

Still nobody came to help her, she shouted again “Come on let’s clean it up”. One by one we can spread the news about how to stop pollution. Everyone let’s clean up together, don’t put trash on the land and water. Let’s not cut the trees, pluck the plants and not pollute the environment. If you are not coming to clean our environment then I will do it by myself. Come on get up and let’s clean it up together. Don’t sit all the time, get up and clean it up. Together we can change the world. Once our environment is clean, everyone will be happy and live in peace. Come on let’s clean up the trash.

All her friends got impressed with Tina’s speech and started coming forward to help her. At that time Sam also woke up then all together worked hard to clean the trash. The elders saw that, Tina and her team working hard to clean our neighbourhood. Then the next day onwards all had put more effort  to clean the neighbourhood.

Tina went home and took some saplings and started to grow the saplings in the neighbourhood. Then their friends Retha and Tom came and they helped Tina. On seeing the kids effort and hardwork the elders came one by one and started helping them. Now the neighbourhood has become clean and green.

When Sam and his friends were done cleaning the neighbourhood, the superhero who Sam dreamt came. Sam said “Hello superhero”, We don’t need your help because we all found the superhero inside our self. Me and my friends cleaned up our neighbourhood, now birds are singing cheerfully and honey bees making their hives in the trees. Thank you for my sister, Tina made everyone learn a very good lesson on cleaning up the trash in the environment. Thanks for my sister.      

Moral : Keep our environment clean and green. Don’t trash our environment or else our environment will be dirty. Cleaner environment should be part of our life. Each and everyone who takes care of the environment are superheros. Today you decide either you want to be a superhero or a normal person. The Best thing which we can give to our next generation is a cleaner environment. “BE A SUPERHERO”.

Acrostic poem on SAVE ENVIRONMENT :

Save our environment

Anyone who is ready to clean our environment
Very eager to clean our neighbourhood

Everyone ready to clean up

Environment should be clean

Nobody is cleaning it up

Vision to clean our neighbourhood

I will clean it

Ready now

Or with a fun time we can clean it

Nobody cleaning up then I will clean up

Me and my friends will clean it up

Everybody ready now

Now come on let us clean it up together we can change the world

The Candy planet

That was the day my father brought me a trampoline. Me and my friends were jumping like a kangaroo. But then suddenly we jumped so high and we came to a place. The place was really delicious. I loved it. It had chocolate houses, Lollipop people and all of the candies and restaurants. We were staring like anything, Just then a human being like us then called us.

It asked us “Who are you? What do you want?” I said “Oh Hi! My name is Barbie and my friends Sara, Lucky, Lina and Diana…” It said “Oh Hi! My name is Candy and um welcome to candy planet where um everything is candy”.

Me and my friends had a nice chat with Candy but then it was black the ground was green and the candy people turned into donkeys! Candy stammered  “Oh no t..t..t Teresa the bad witch is coming! Sshhh… She is going to make ik..ik..ik Candy planet into a disaster what am I g..g..g Going to do it with her!”

Diana said bravely “Let’s go and fight with Teresa”, Candy said “Don’t! Teresa has a powerful magical wand nobody can defeat her” But I said to my friends “Girls it’s pro time” and my friends shouted “yes”.

Then me and my friends showed our rings and enchanted the spell “Nobody defeats us cause we are strong and powerful! With all our teamwork we can even defeat a mountain!”. Then we all became the team of luck.

We all went out and saw witch she said “Oh who do have here my fight wish the team of luck” Then we all said “Wand of everything exploded teamwork fire” Teresa stammered “T…T…T Teamwork fire Noooo” Teresa turned into ash. Then Candy planet turned normal. Me and my friends gave “high-fives” and shouted “Hurray”. Candy said thank you friends. We said most welcome candy.

Riya’s Grandparents

Once there was a girl named Riya. Riya’s grandparents are not as strong as Riya’s parents. Her grandfather can not see properly and her grandmother can not hear properly.

Riya would fetch grandfather’s spectacles or the walking stick when grandfather asks.

Riya helps her grandmother to take medicine on time and she makes tea everyday for grandmother. She plays board games or reads the newspaper  with her grandparents.

This keeps them busy and entertained. One day while Riya was walking outside she saw a boy who can not see was trying to cross the road.

She rushed to that boy and helped him cross the road. The boy thanked Riya and said “Hi my name is Tinku and I cannot see properly, and thanks for helping me cross the road.

Can you help go to the optician so that I can get spectacles” Riya said “Okay let’s go “and they went to the optician. The optician gave Tinku a spectacles. Tinku wore the spectacles and said thank you to the optician and Riya.

The wolf and the 3 pigs

Once there lived 3 pigs. One pig name was Jimmy , the second pig name was Tommy and the third pig name was Lucky. They lived beside a wolf house who wanted to eat those pigs. One day when the pigs went to the market the Mr. Wolf just pushed them and ran away Jimmy said “What happen to Mr. Wolf? today he is acting very strange let’s see what happen to him”.

The 3 pigs followed Mr. Wolf and saw that Mr. Wolf was in the bus stop the 3 pigs thought that the wolf is going away but that is not true the wolf is waiting for someone do you know who is Mr. Wolf is waiting for? that’s right Mr. Wolf is waiting for Ms. Wolf. The 3 pigs went home and said “Friends this is never going to end so we are going to do something that the wolfs will not eat us OKAY!” Tommy said “I know what to do.

So the next day the 3 pigs went to the wolf’s house Mr. Wolf outside saw the pigs and the wolf was going eat them just then Ms. Wolf came and asked “who are you” Jimmy, Tommy and Lucky went to Ms. Wolf and gave some chocolates, flowers and jewelry Ms. Wolf was very happy to see all the gifts.

The next Ms. Wolf dragged Mr. Wolf to the pigs And told “Brother this is how I thank my dearest Friends”. Do you know how did the Ms. Wolf thanked the pigs? Yes Ms. Wolf told Mr. Wolf to cut all the weeds from the garden, Fix the roof and paint the fence. From that day on pigs and the wolfs became friend for ever. 😀

Moral: We should not be enemies with others we should be friends 😊

A trip to Fujairah

Me and my family thought to go to a trip to Fujairah. So we packed our bags and went to Fujairah. When we reached Fujairah we went to a hotel. Then we went to the beach. There me and sister were playing sand castles we made a lovely castles.

After that we went to a speed boat ride. Then after a fun at the beach we went to the hotel and ate our dinner which was lemon rice mother made. It was really yummy. Then we went the bed with a sleepy face. The light went of and we curled in the bed and slept zzzzzz. The next day we packed our bags to go to our home. We thought to go to Ra’s al-Khaimah to stay with our friend.

So went over there stayed one night and came to home in afternoon. I felt so refreshed after the trip. The next thing I knew what to do read a book, one of my favorite hobby. I was happy that I enjoyed the trip.

The end

Art and Craft: Your Profile

This craft is a paper profile picture

You will need :

Chart paper: Yellow A4 size and Blue 27 cm x 35 cm

Paint: Acrylic should not be thick

Paint brush: Thin and thick

Sketch pen and crayons

Tissue paper

Ear Buds

Your photo: Small size

Palette or any base to pour paint

Fevi stick

Pencils, Eraser and Ruler

Cloth to clean hands

Water to clean brush

If you got the things let get started

Step 1: Take the yellow chart paper and with the pencil draw the trunk of the tree

Step 2: On the trunk draw 5 branches. Not more than that !

Step 3: After you finish the tree take brown sketch and outline the tree

Step 4: Then in the tree color in with brown crayon

Step 5: Take a tissue paper a roll it

Step 6: After rolled the tissue paper, pour green paint on the pallet and dab the paint with the rolled tissue paper. While dabbing the paint make sure it is like a tree !

Step 7: Stick your photo on the trunk with the Fevi stick

Step 8: Take Green paint and a thin brush. Paint grass

Step 9: After grass painted pour red paint on the palette. Then take the 1 earbud and put red dots with the red paint. It represents as red flowers

Step 10: Let it dry

Step 11: After it dried take the blue chart in the size 27 cm x 35 cm. Back side of the yellow apply glue and stick it on the blue chart

Step 12: Your profile is ready stick outside of you room to show that is your room.

It will turn out like this Tada

Ravi’s YouTube channel- Part 1

There was once a boy named Ravi. One day Ravi was walking outside, that’s when he got a idea. He thought to Make a YouTube channel named “Ravi’s Channel”. So he ran to his home and told his father and mother about is, and their parents told” Okay Ravi we will help you start your channel”.

Ravi got too exited about his channel. His father made an channel. The Ravi told his mother to make cake and his mother told “Okay”. His mother took all the ingredients Flour, egg, milk , sugar, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla extract. She took a bowl and added the ingredients, the she mixed the things.

The she took a round bowl and putted all the batter in the bowl and kept it in the oven. 20 to 30 minutes the cake was ready! Ravi’s mother then took the cream and decorated. Back in Ravi he was setting the table. Then he kept a spoon, fork , knife and a plate. Then his mother kept the cake on the table.

His father started the camera and Ravi started ” Hey welcome to Ravi’s channel in this video we will be seeing this cake. I will eat and tell the taste. “. Ravi took a knife and cut the cake, then ate it. When Ravi ate the cake his face was red in color and in his ears steaming air coming, He ran here and there shouting for water.

Can you guess why Ravi is running like this? Because his mother mistakenly added some chili powder. Finally Ravi drank some water and told “Please like, share and subscribe Ravi’s channel”

The end

Be waiting for part 2 of Ravi’s YouTube channel.